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NEW!!!! Hypnotherapy – We are delighted to offer Hypnotherapy to address a wide range of issues which may be preventing life being lived and enjoyed. Weight, confidence, improving success in sports, public speaking, insomnia, smoking and Hypnobirth or simply … relaxing. Just a selection of our new services.

Your Signature Health was created in January 2012 to offer a selection of products and services around Health & Wellbeing globally. We like to give our clients choice on the highest quality products and holistic services.

Your Signature Health is honoured to work alongside many wonderful associates including International Nutritional Consultants, including Harley Street, Personal Fitness Coaches, Life Style Consultants, Chefs, Life & Business Coaches, Hypnotherapists and more.

Hypnotherapy – We offer Hypnotherapy to address a wide range of issues which may be preventing life being lived and enjoyed. Weight (including Gastric Hypnotic Band Hypnotherapy), Confidence,  Improving Performance in Sports, Public Speaking, Insomnia, Smoking, Phobias or simply … Relaxing.  

You can now purchase our newly launched Hypnotherapy CDs and downloads

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – acupuncture without the needles. The ancient Chinese identified twelve major energy channels into the human body.  Learning the art of tapping can provide you with the tools and techniques to address pain, stress, anxiety, phobias and blockers preventing you from enjoying life.  Time to let go of the past, of learned bad behaviours and beliefs.

Life Coaching – Time for YOU! How much time do you take out of your day to think about what you are doing with your life and where you are actually going?  How off or on track is your work v life balance?  Discover YOU again and get rid of those barriers preventing you from enjoying and living every wonderful moment of life.

Nutrition &  Natural Supplements – We are all about offering our clients choice and most definitely  Quality.

In 2014 we are delighted to now be selling NewGen Direct product which is taking the market by storm.  See this wonderful Superfood plus nutritional product which many professional sports people, actors and models are using. The most amazing antioxidant product to help rebuild your immune system.  This proprietary world-class formula, NewGen Superfoods Plus, replaces the need for several different types of food supplements and it is made with only the finest 100% natural ingredients. Read our new brochure 

To order you can go on line and receive the goods in a few days.   

We hope you will like our site as we continue to explore new and exciting global products and services to improve and add value to your life and wellbeing!

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