Price List for Hypnotherapy Sessions

If you would like to know how Hypnotherapy can help you please contact me to discuss further.  We have a range of packages which may help you with your treatment going forward.  We offer Vouchers for those special gifts you may want to purchase too. Watch out for our special offers and promotions – they will be limited offers!


Warwickshire Region Quotes

Initial Consultation
(30 Minutes )
Allows you explore and ask questions before making your decision.
No therapy work occurs during this intro session.
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Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions
One Hour (Excluding Stopping Smoking)
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Please note that all Hypnotherapy sessions
Require a deposit which is non refundable
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Specialised Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session
One Session Needed Only
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Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
4 Week Programme
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Special Promotion

Four x Individual Hypnotherapy Sessions
Each Session = One Hour
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Saving £40.00!

Offer Closes 15 June 2014


Watch out for our new hypnotherapy services, group events and offers coming soon!



Vouchers can be purchased upon request via email for those special gifts moments.



Working Together

It is really important that you choose the right therapist to work with you – after all it is all about you and what you want to get out of Hypnotherapy.  Every single person is unique in their need for Hypnotherapy and the issues surrounding that desire to change.

For that reason, I recommend an initial chat to learn about me, for me to learn about you and ensure you feel comfortable before making your decision.

For only £20.00 a good investment.


Opening Hours of Practice

Please note that the fees above are week rates and that weekend rates are £100.00 per hour session.


Appointments are available evenings and weekends.


National & Overseas Price

All National &  Overseas Hypnotherapy sessions required please contact me for further information.


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