There are many articles written about what coaching is and what coaching offers.   At Your Signature Health, we like to think Coaching is all about YOU and what you want to receive from coaching – only about YOU.

There are no boundaries on who deserves or needs coaching.  Whether you are a board member, Vice President, Manager, Account Director, Footballer, Dancer, Writer, Fashion Designer, Graduate, it is all about what you need to know about yourself and finding your way forward.  It is a safe environment where you can open your mind to how you can build and develop your personal skills, your career skills, to realise your own full potential or just identify what that work v life balance is!

Your Signature Health offers a one-to-one interactive coaching relationship to help you identify, focus and accomplish what is important to you in your life. It is a platform for you to develop a self- awareness of who you are, what obstacles you put in your own way and identify those things you need to do to move forward and enjoy life!

You may want Life Coaching, Career Coaching or perhaps have just moved in to a new role and it’s all a little overwhelming with no-one you can confide in.  Perhaps life has thrown some curve balls at you?  Perhaps health issues stopping you from moving forward at work and at home – what has caused those health issues?  Work? Your own beliefs? Your own actions?  Perhaps family life is suffering and you just can’t see the way forward with all you are carrying?  Perhaps you just can’t see or understand why you can’t move forward?

Prior to any coaching occurring, we will make our introduction to you and ensure you feel a connection, that you are comfortable with the coach and vice versa – that you both feel that there is a confidence and trust to take the coaching relationship forward. We agree what your goal of the coaching session may be and address any concerns you may.

Coaching can be the most enlightening and wonderful experience.  It can feel like you are being introduced to YOU all over again.  Each person’s results are different and in what they learn about themselves, how they appear to others and it can give a sense of control back over your own life.  Perhaps even providing a direction in life going forward.  So many different and positive outcomes. It’s all about YOU.

Coaching sessions last for one hour.

Our Values

  • We do not  make judgements about your life or tell you how to live.
  • We treat every conversation highly confidentially.
  • We respect your own views, thoughts and feelings.
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