Tutis ICE FAQ’s


Why is it called Tutis-ICE?

Tutis (Two-Tiss) is a Latin word that means ‘To keep safe and protect’ and ICE is short for In Case of Emergency. We believe that your Tutis-ICE Card and Bracelet will help keep you safe and protect you by giving health professionals crucial information about your medical condition(s) when you most need it.

Who is it suitable for?

Tutis is suitable for everyone and we have our design team working on suitable designs for every person with every need. If you have any condition that you need health professionals to know about, if you travel abroad or if you play sports and simply want people to know who to contact in case of emergency the Tutis-ICE is for you.

How will it help me?

In case of emergency time is of the essence. Your Tutis-ICE Card will enable health professionals to quickly and securely view your record to determine your identity, blood group, medications, medical conditions, allergies, emergency contacts and even your x-rays to enable them to start appropriate treatment and avoid potentially life-threatening errors.

How will a health professional recognise that it holds my medical info?

Tutis-ICE will be easily identifiable by paramedics, doctors, nurses and other health professionals as it carries the paramedic star on the front. This is an internationally recognized symbol.
Paramedics are trained to check the pulse points and wallets or purses for any medical ID.
All the health professionals have to do is plug the pop out flash drive / USB into any PC and your details will pop up on the page for them to read and/or print off.

How much detail should I provide on my Tutis-ICE USB stick?

Put all the information that is relevant to you in a medical emergency. If you are unsure, you can also discuss with your GP, practice nurse or pharmacist what details they believe are most relevant for you.

Will my doctor or nurse really help me fill it in?

They should do if you ask nicely! The most important thing is to remember that you are in control of the information that is put on your Tutis-ICE device and you are responsible for keeping updated with any changes in your condition.

So what if my information changes?

If your condition, medication, contact details or anything else changes, simply plug the USB contained inside your bracelet back into your PC and make the amendments necessary. You will then have the opportunity to lock the information so that no-one else can change things.

What happens if I’m overseas?

Tutis-ICE can help here too. We have the designed Tutis-ICE software so that the tabs will automatically be translated into six languages; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese and Dutch if this is the default language of the PC into which the Tutis-ICE USB is inserted. This covers most of the languages spoken round the world.

Can I put my x-rays, electro-cardiographs (ECGs/EKGs), reports or other documents onto my Tutis-ICE USB?

Yes, you can. Just ask your healthcare provide to give you an electronic copy of your tests and/or reports in a .jpg, .gig or .pdf format and simply follow the instructions on the programme to download these images.

What about the security of my Tutis-ICE bracelet information?

Your security is very important so while it can be viewed by health professionals, only you can make changes to the information as it is password protected. You will choose your password so choose something that is memorable to you.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you lose your password, it’s good to know that when you setup Tutis-ICE for the first time there is a password reminder to guide you.
If you really properly lose it, even with the secret answer then the Tutis-ICE device will need to returned to technical support and we can reset the password. Details to do this can be found by emailing on info@tutis-ice.com

Is my Tutis-ICE bracelet affected by x-ray machines?

No, your Tutis-ICE will not be affected x-ray machines, including ones used airports.

What Software does the Tutis-ICE recognise?

Your Tutis-ICE is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. At the moment Tutis software is not compatible with Mac computers, however, watch this space!

Do I have to pay a subscription for the software like you do with other devices?

No! And, uniquely, when there are any software upgrades you will get these for free as and when they become available. It will tell you when there are any updates for you to install at no extra cost – ever.

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