How the Your Signature Health & Tutis ICE Medical Card works


All Tutis-ICE devices contain a USB installed with easy to use software which allows you to quickly and easily input your medical information using your home PC .


Tutis-ICE provides clear, easy to read, and accessible screens with all your important medical information. It also translates into seven European languages for those who are travelling.

Emergency Contact Information

Quick and easy to access emergency contact information including next of kin, doctors, consultants and any other relevant information to you.

Emergency Medical Information

Clear, easy to read areas to hold all your medical Information including blood group, conditions, medications and allergies.

Tutis-ICE does not use frustrating ‘drop-down’ menus so you can be very specific about your condition/s and you are not dis-advantaged if your condition is rare or has an unusual twist.

Scan in Medical Imagery

You can upload copies of images including scans, ECG readings, x-rays and reports. This is a very simple programme that guides you through how to upload your images or scanned reports.

Medical Diary

Perfect for communicating with carers and keeping records of symptoms, diet and medication.

You may make as many entries as you need and each entry will show the date and time of entry.

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