Tutis ICE Medical Card

The Tutis-ICE “In case of Emergency” Card – It could save your life

Every day millions of people travel all over the world, by road, air and sea. Travelling between various geographical locations is just our way of life now . So image how difficult it might be if you were taken ill and access to critical medical information needed to be readily available, how serious or even fatal it could be by not being able to have easy access to such crucial data. There is a very simple and inexpensive solution – Your Signature Health’s “In Case of Emergency” (Tutis-ICE) card.

Whether you are a business person travelling the world, a cyclist enjoying a Sunday morning ride, aYour Signature Health Tutis-ICE Card student taking a gap year out, a sportsman with existing injuries, a lorry driver trekking up and down many motorways across many countries, an elderly person who still keeps independence and likes to get out and about despite being a little wobbly on those legs, you get the idea? We never know when we would appreciate having our key information easily accessible so someone can help us – do not wait until after the event to invest in your life!

If you have ever had the experience of attending a hospital or a medical centre outside of your home base country, doctors, dentists, optician, plastic surgeons will ask if you have any medical conditions, if you’re taking medication and what major surgery you may have had. All of this information can be contained within your Tutis-ICE Card. Easy to access and will save you and any medical team treating you hours of saved time in getting vital medical information . The Tutis-ICE Card is suitable for everyone. It sits safely and visibly in your wallet or purse and is always on hand in case of an emergency.

Tutis is a Latin word that means “To keep safe and protect” and ICE is short for “In Case of Emergency”. Tutis-ICE card will be easily identifiable by paramedics, doctors, nurses and other health professionals as it carries the paramedic star on the front – an internationally recognized symbol. Paramedics are trained to check the pulse points and wallets or purses for any medical ID.

  • Each Tutis-ICE device comes ready loaded with a software programme-allows you to quickly and easily input all your relevant medical and personal information.
  • Saves doctor fees and personal time. Tutis-ICE provides clear, easy to read, and accessible screens with all your important medical information, that can easily be printed out.
  • Translates automatically in to 7 European languages for when travelling; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugese and Dutch giving peace of mind in foreign speaking countries that your information will be understood.
  • Emergency Contact Information-including next of kin, doctors, consultants and any other relevant information to you.
  • Clear, easy to read areas to hold all your key important medical information which could include blood group, conditions, medications x-rays and allergies.
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