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Your Signature Health are delighted to be able to join forces with Barz Optics to be able to sell a vast range of exquisite sunglasses designed and truly tested out by a former Australian surfing champion – we know you will like them! A fabulous collection of “sunnies” for all our tastes! Glasses which not only look good, are safe, can be prescription ordered but also don’t sink when they fall overboard !!! As they can be “readers” too, you don’t need to have other reading glasses!

UV rays, wind, spray and multitude of dust causes many problems to our eyes – just one of those problems is a disease called PTRERYGIUM. This is a white growth on the side of the eye which can spread to the centre of the eye, covering the iris! If not treated, this can eventually lead to blindness, that is why it is so important for us, and at all times when exposed to the sun, to have proper sun protection for our eyes! We know many people who have personally experienced this very recently which resulted in quite a serious operation. It gave “room for thought” about what sunglasses are worn and just how protective they are.

Health being the most important thing is the reason why we should invest in a good pair of sunglasses. We have attached some information regarding a common problem to yachties, fishermen, surfers, golfers, cyclists, everyone who exposes their eyes to the sunlight

We love our new range of sun glasses and hope you do to! Click Here To View Glasses

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